365 Days of Writing

Day 1: Take Pleasure in Slowing Down

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The morning, before the vehicles start bustling and people begin waking, is my favorite part of the day. When the air is crisp, my eyes still heavy, and the sun is ever so slightly peaking above the horizon, I feel a wave of calmness and contentment.

There is something different about pre-sunrise mornings. It’s as if nothing could go wrong, as if the peacefulness in my small, insignificant life spans the entire universe. I am at ease. I can feel the lightness of the breeze through the trees. Only the lively squirrels and chattery birds cut into the quiet.

The rush of the day is around the corner, but these short-lived moments are everything. Normally a speedy walker, I notice I take my time. I follow the pace of my dog who sets the tone for the walk. He smells things I cannot, so I let him explore and take his time. It feels good to focus on each footstep. I enjoy hearing my breath and keep my head in the trees as much as possible. The bright, vibrant leaves and deep, forest green needles clash in the best way in this city of trees.

As I hit the home stretch to my house, where the busyness of the day resides, the morning has revealed to me the pleasure of slowing down. I focus on each step driving into the earth rather than wonder how many steps I’ve taken to reach my “step quota.” I focus on my breath and how each inhale fills my lungs with fresh air and every exhale releases it back into the atmosphere. I notice how a slow, enjoyable pace overrules thoughts of how many calories were burned while walking. Although short, my morning walk has shown me that moments are what matter, not how many calories were burned or steps were accumulated.

Life is finite, so we must relish in the small and seemingly insignificant moments as much as the big, powerful ones. What if you were to simply slow down today? What would you notice?


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