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October 2018


30 Day Meal Prep for Success Challenge

30 days of recipes, healthy eating tips, accountability and more!

Challenge: 30 Day Meal Prep for Success Challenge

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Are you ready to jump start your healthy eating and maybe even lose a couple pounds? Would you like to learn how to stick to meal prep hacks that simplify rather than over-complicate your life? Then this is absolutely the challenge for you. Join us for 30 days of meal prep! Along with the free challenge calendar, I will be checking in with you every week via the Sally Mae Fitness Facebook Page to hold you accountable and teach you how to master meal prep for good!

Each day, I will have different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have included recipes for each meal, tips to guide you towards long-term success, and a grocery store guide! This isn’t about perfection, so don’t worry if you make the meals exactly as I have them planned. This is about finding what works for you! I am here to simplify your life, get you back on track, and make meal prep a lifelong habit!

Join us this month as we learn how to navigate the grocery store, decipher labels, and save time, money and calories in the kitchen! Download your FREE challenge calendar below, and don’t forget to “like” Sally Mae Fitness to become a part of the community!


DOWNLOAD: October Challenge Calendar

September 2018


30 Day "Create the Life you Love" Challenge

30 days of workouts, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle tips for success!

Challenge: 30 Day "Create the Life you Love" Challenge

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This month is all about planning ahead and taking action towards your long-term goals. By following the daily exercise, eating, nutrition, and lifestyle habits, you will begin to add consistency to your life. Consistency, accountability and believing in yourself are what I consider to be the 3 main components of succeeding and getting the results you deserve!

Join us this month as we TAKE ACTION towards accomplishing our goals and moving one step closer to creating a life we truly love!


DOWNLOAD: September Challenge Calendar

August 2018

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"Total Mindset Makeover + Cardio & Core" Challenge

Time to shift your thinking and rediscover a belief in yourself and your abilities!

Challenge: "Total Mindset Makeover + Cardio & Core" Challenge
Winner: Congratulations Tess!

Challenge details

I firmly believe that your mindset is key in reaching your goals. It can be easy to lose motivation and get off track; therefore, by implementing a positive mindset, you will be able to push through and stay consistent daily. If we look at goals only at face value, it becomes difficult to connect to our "why" and keep a positive attitude moving forward. That is where the "Total Mindset Makeover" challenge comes in.

This month, you will receive a different mindset challenge to focus on every week. We will cover everything from re-establishing your "why," to letting go of things not in your control, to completing daily morning intentions, to rediscovering a love for yourself and a belief in yourself that may have faded over time. It takes 30 days to break old habits and implement new, fresh, healthy behaviors. I can't wait to see how your mindset shifts over the course of the next 30 days!

On top of the weekly mindset activities, I have included daily cardio and core circuits to keep you on top of your health and fitness goals! Consistency is the single most important thing in regards to your fitness routine, and by completing these daily exercises, you will be able to stay on track with the additional support from me as your coach and the other members of the community! The circuits will be timed this month instead of having a designated amount of reps. For example, If you see the interval :30/:15, that means you will be performing the exercise for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds and will then move on to the next exercise using the same timed interval. Let me know within the Facebook group if you have any questions!

It's going to be a great month. Time to crush your August goals!

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July 2018


"You Can't Outrun A Bad Diet" Challenge

Learn to balance healthy eating with regular physical activity for maximum success!

Challenge: 30 Day “You Can't Outrun a Bad Diet" Challenge
Winner: Congratulations Katy!

Challenge details

As you know, physical activity is very important in helping us thrive both mentally and physically. However, that is only half the battle! How you fuel your body is as, if not more important, in terms of weight loss/management and feeling your absolute best. In my experience, the following has been true in sustaining fitness and health goals for myself and my clients:

  • ~80% healthy diet consisting of real, nutrient-dense food, like lean protein, healthy fat, fibrous carbs, and a variety of veggies, while also choosing proper portion size for your body type.

  • ~20% consistent exercise routine.

Yes, in my opinion nutrition is even more important than exercise if we are talking about maintaining a healthy weight. It would be so much easier if we could out-run a bad diet, unfortunately that is not the case.

The good news - it is totally possible to enjoy and sustain a healthy diet while also being consistent with a exercise routine! Our July challenge is going to address both of these areas! We will alternate between days of mini-workout circuits and healthy eating/lifestyle habits that stick!

Get ready to crush your July goals ladies! Who is ready for this challenge?! DOWNLOAD YOUR CHALLENGE CALENDAR BELOW!


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June 2018


30 Day "Strengthen your Core" Challenge

Rediscover your strongest self!

Challenge: The 30 Day “Strengthen your Core” Challenge
Winner: Congratulations Jennifer!

Challenge details

Strengthening your core isn't just about toning and getting a 6-pack. It is SO much more than that. Having a strong core improves balance and mobility, protects your spine, improves your form during workouts, and helps you to feel strong and confident!

This month, get ready to feel strong, sexy and empowered. Follow along with my customized, June Challenge Calendar (download below), and experience a total mind and body transformation! Each day, you will be asked to do a short circuit of exercises. You can do these anytime, anywhere. You can even split them up throughout the day! As long as you complete each exercise, check that day off, and give yourself a high five!

By the time you get to day 30, you will be amazed with your progress and how far you have come. And as always, I will be picking a challenge winner at the end of the month, so make sure to check in with the Healthy Living Community Facebook group to let us know how you are doing! 

Are you ready to strengthen your core? Let's do this! Click the link below to download your "Strengthen your Core" Challenge Calendar!

Download: Monthly Calendar

May 2018


30 Day "Eat Less Sugar" Challenge

Time to put the control back in your hands!

Challenge: The 30 Day “Eat Less Sugar” Challenge
Winner: Congratulations Brittany!

Challenge details

Are you ready to reduce your cravings for sugar and other processed foods? This month's challenge is all about putting the control back in your hands. Discover simple, yet effective ways to deconstruct and eliminate your sugar cravings. Each week you will have one simple action to implement. All that I ask is that you commit to the challenge for 30 days. We are all in this together, and I will be checking in with the group every week to see how you are doing. Know that the first week may feel a bit challenging.

Reducing sugar can feel overwhelming, cause fatigue, and other not so desirable effects. However, it WILL get easier and you WILL feel amazing after the 30 days. We will focus on adding in more healthful foods and lifestyle habits versus thinking about "cutting out" sugar cold turkey. Reframe your thinking, keep a positive mindset, and get ready to look and feel amazing!

To help hold you accountable, I have created a calendar to print off and use throughout the challenge. Check off each day as you do the daily action! Post in the Facebook group and let us know how you are doing. I will be picking one winner at the end of the challenge who will be receiving an awesome, healthy living prize! Are you in?!

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