Total Transformation


This is the ultimate guide for long-term, lifelong transformation. Learn how to implement healthy habits, eat for your body type, cook and plan healthy, simple and delicious meals, find an exercise program that you enjoy and can sustain, and see real results. This is the total package for looking and feeling your absolute best.

Coach Sally specializes in using habit-based approaches that nurture your ability to sustain success and maintain a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Get started today to begin your journey toward your best self.

Form the abilities for lifelong health and happiness

Total Transformation Client, Lindsey, showing off her mad strength!

Total Transformation Client, Lindsey, showing off her mad strength!


✔ Bi-weekly phone call check-ins to hold you accountable to your goals
✔ 24/7 access to chat via email, text or in-app messaging
✔ Your health and progress assessments and weekly feedback from a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and ProCoach
✔ Our monthly coaching calls to ensure consistency and progress
✔ Ongoing accountability, motivation, and support from Sally, your personal coach and health advocate

Sally Mae Fitness Total Transformation


✔ Habit-based nutrition and weight loss coaching
✔ Personalized nutrition quick start guide to kick off your program
✔ Custom health and nutrition habits and lessons to keep you on track every single day
✔ Customized grocery lists to fit your nutritional needs


✔ Personalized personal training plan customized to your specific goals and needs
✔ New workouts updated every 4-weeks to ensure progress and to prevent boredom
✔ Workout videos and demonstrations for every exercise to ensure correct and proper form
✔ Modifications of each exercise to fit your specific fitness level
✔ Option to do gym-based or home-based workouts
✔ Off-day, active-recovery training


✔ Your access to the ProCoach platform for simple progress tracking (photos, measurements, etc.)
✔ Your ability to ask questions and give feedback at any time through in-app messaging

This program is perfect for:

Weight loss  •  Feeling amazing  •  Confidence  •  Energy  •  Strength  •  Endurance •  Lifelong Success 

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Total Transformation Annual Plan

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Total Transformation Monthly Plan

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All programs are 12 months long with a 3 month commitment.

Not sure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a free consultation, and we can discuss your history, goals, and needs in order to figure out the best, next steps for you to take toward your best self.