NEW! Letting Go Program

program begins december 01, 2019!


Let’s face it, as human beings we are in pursuit of the next best thing. We want easy health and nutrition plans that yield fast results. However, quick-fix programs don’t address the scars that we have acquired from years of failed dieting and workout attempts (p.s. YOU are not the failure, the diets have failed you)! No amount of meal plans or 30-day fat loss programs are going to help us achieve deep, meaningful health, and that is why I have created Letting Go.

Do you find yourself wondering things like…

“How can I shrink my body to look better?” 

“What foods will I have to cut out in order to drop weight?” 

“Why do I keep failing with all of my diet and fitness attempts?”

“Should I be doing Keto/low carb/Whole30…AHHH?!”

“Do I need to be taking all of these vitamins, powders, herbs and supplements the top influencers are always endorsing? 

It's time to Let Go of the self- doubt, and take control of your life

I know it is a confusing and overwhelming world out there, so as your Coach, I am excited to be a part of a growing movement that has been a long time coming. A movement towards deep, lifelong, joyful, wonderful, I feel AHH-mazing inside and out, health. So what do you say? Are you ready to Let Go of your past attempts and negative thoughts? Are you ready to kick some major butt and become a total bada**? If so, be prepared to experience the following:

Confidence for days

✔ Individual performance goals *

zero stress when going out to eat

Healthy relationship with food and eating

Peace with your body

Positive outlook on life

✔ intuitive eating

✔ Actually enjoying your food, no matter what you chose to eat

✔Saying “NO” to Diet Culture

Zero stress about what the scale says

Joy…like real, pure, “I didn’t know I could feel this way,” joy

✔Improved relationshipS with friends, family, and most importantly, YOURSELF

*Past clients have achieved many performance goals including half marathon trail runs, improved strength in the weight room, biathlons, 10ks, website creating, and biking more than 200 miles in one month to name a few! Notice how I didn’t mention anything about their weight loss?! That’s because it comes secondary to everything listed above, even though most clients did lose weight as a product of their hard work! We will focus on praising your body for where it is currently at and the amazing things it has already achieved and will achieve in the future!

Sally Mae Fitness Client, Lindsey, showing off her mad strength with pup, Tonka! P.S. She also ran several trail runs in the mountains of California! She’s a total bada**!

Sally Mae Fitness Client, Lindsey, showing off her mad strength with pup, Tonka! P.S. She also ran several trail runs in the mountains of California! She’s a total bada**!


✔ Monthly phone call to check-ins to discuss progress and what’s new and good
✔ 24/7 access to chat via in-app messaging through the ProCoach Platform
✔ Weekly Trainer Tips delivered right to your inbox
✔ Video messages via Private FB Community
✔ Monthly Facebook Live Q & A sessions (ask me anything and I shall answer)!
✔ Weekend challenges to keep motivation and consistency high
✔ Health and progress assessments and weekly feedback from a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and ProCoach
✔ Access to the Sally Mae Fitness VIP Membership Site and Private Facebook Community
✔ Ongoing accountability, motivation, and support from Sally, your personal Coach and health advocate

Sally Mae Fitness Total Transformation

Habit-Based Coaching

✔ Bi-weekly habit implementation
✔ Corresponding lessons to reinforce each habit
✔ Intuitive eating tools support
✔ Slow and steady versus the quick-fix approach

Customized Performance Goal Action Plan

✔ Personalized Performance Goal brainstorming session (your goal could be anything from doing your first pull-up to creating a blog to climbing Mount do you y’all)
✔ Customized action plans will be delivered via Google Drive so it helps, but is not required, to have a gmail account
✔ Weekly progress check-ins
✔ Adjustments and modifications to fit your specific fitness level
✔ Ongoing motivation, support and coaching to help you achieve your amazing health, mindset and/or fitness related goals


✔ Your access to the ProCoach platform for simple progress tracking
✔ Your ability to ask questions and give feedback at any time through in-app messaging
✔ Lifetime access to the Sally Mae Fitness VIP Membership site

This Program is the perfect fit if you would like to:

• Let go of negative dieting experiences  • Feel fabulous • Increase Confidence  • Improve Energy  • Increase Strength  •  Heal from Diet Culture •  Get results

Are you ready to Let Go and be a part of the movement towards deep, meaningful health?

Total Transformation Annual Plan

(save $300)


per year


— OR —

Total Transformation Monthly Plan

(3-month minimum)


per month


*All programs are 12 months long with a 3 month commitment.

Still unsure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a free consultation, and we can discuss your history, goals, and needs in order to figure out the best, next steps for you to take toward your best self.