Sally Mae Fitness Programs



Form the habits for lifelong success by regaining control of your nutrition and physical fitness. This program includes nutrition coaching and personal training to empower clients to reach their full potential.



Figure out how to nourish your body with foods and habits that support lifelong success. This program includes personalized nutrition coaching to help clients form healthy relationships with food and eating.


Get your First Pull up Program - COMING SOON!

Increase strength, improve your confidence, and feel like a total boss when you pull yourself over the bar for the first time! I am going to help you achieve your very first pull up. Yes, you! You can do this, and I will be with you every step of the way.


Every program includes:


✔ Personalization

✔ Accessibility

✔ Easy to use tools

✔ Affordability

✔ Flexiblility

✔ Accountability

✔ Easy access to an expert

✔ Motivation

✔ Continuous support


“Working with Sally was fun, educational, and a life-changer for me. I highly recommend her if you are looking to develop better habits for anything from exercise, healthy eating, and a more balanced, happier life.” 
— Gina J.


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