Nutrition Coaching


Learn how to eat real food and never diet again. I use a simple, fool-proof formula that’s based on your specific body-type. No counting calories ever again! This habit-based approach will forever shift your mindset for long-term, sustainable success.

Coach Sally specializes in using habit-based approaches that nurture your ability to sustain success and maintain a healthy relationship with food. Get started today to begin your journey toward nourishing and fueling yourself with food.

Implement healthy, sustainable eating for life.

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✔ We'll meet for weekly coaching calls to ensure consistency and progress
✔ Assessment and weekly feedback from a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach
✔ Ongoing accountability, motivation, and support from Sally, your personal coach and health advocate



✔ Personalized, habit-based nutrition and weight loss/management coaching
✔ Learn to eat mindfully and for yours specific body type
✔ No dieting or counting calories required
✔ Personalized health and nutrition habits and resources to keep you on track every single day
✔ Sally Mae Fitness Nutrition Guide and Go-to Grocery List


✔ Unlimited health, fitness and nutrition handouts and resources
✔ 24/7 access to ask questions and give feedback via text or email
✔ Weekly or bi-weekly phone call check-ins to hold you accountable to your goals
✔ Option to continue with coaching after the 12-weeks have been completed

This program is perfect for:

Weight loss  •  Learning to eat for your body  •  Forming a healthy relationship with food  •  Feeling great •  Maintaining results

Sign-up and transform your life for good.

Nutrition Coaching Annual Plan

Pay 12-weeks Upfront
(Save $25!)


for 12 weeks


— OR —

Nutrition Coaching Monthly Plan

(for 12 weeks)


per month


All programs require a 3-month commitment.

Not sure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a free consultation, and we can discuss your history, goals, and needs in order to figure out the best, next steps for you to take toward your best self.