"What I Learned about Life" Blog Series

Introducing "What I Learned about Life Through..."


Follow along as I bring you a new "What I Learned about Life Through..." post each week. I will be covering everything from death, to my health and fitness journey, to "a guy named ED," (this will make more sense later, I promise), to taking the plunge into the "running my own business" world to getting lost (at night) in Bolivia for several hours. Did I mention my Spanish is TERRIBLE. Yeah, my Mom hates when I tell that story. 

Anyways, you may be wondering how any of that relates to health and fitness, but I promise I have a point. I believe everyone has an amazing story to tell. We have all gone through periods of growth. Some of you may have suffered through the pain of losing a loved one. Have you struggled with finding your calling in life? Holy moly can I relate to that! And then there are the moments of complete joy, like bringing new life into this world or getting the promotion and dream job you have always imagined.

Whatever your story is, It's an incredible one

That is what is so beautiful and fulfilling about my work. I get to hear stories like that every day. Whether my client is having a good day or bad day, I have learned to find beauty in every part of an individual's journey. The painful moments propel you forward. The positive highs keep you going! Life is messy. It's complicated, chaotic and stressful all while being beautiful and joyful and exciting!  My own story has led me right to this very moment of writing this blog post, for a company that I started from the ground up, which I will be posting on my spiffy, new website. Sometimes I think I completely blacked out and don't even remember how I got here. Never in a million years did I think I would be running my own business! What is life?!


I have experienced every emotion under the sun

...and looking back, I realize that my weakest moments are some of the most significant. We cannot grow and learn from mistakes that never happened. The mistakes and hiccups are what make us stronger. The failures, I have had a few, push you forward. If you're going to fail, fail with all your might. Don't go down without kicking and screaming. Be bold, be brave, and know that you are enough. You, exactly as you are right now, are enough.

We try to hide our emotions when we are feeling sad, stressed, exhausted or lonely. We suppress them and hide behind the mask of "I'm great. Everything is perfect. Thanks for asking." Don't be a robot, okay? There are actual robots for that. Seriously, there are, and it's creepy. The point is, be sad if you're sad. Let out a yell if you're stressed. Shout if from the rooftop when you are having the most amazing day ever! Today, just let it all go! Every one of those emotions is an integral piece of your unique and complicated puzzle of life. 

So to kick things off, tomorrow you will get to dive head first into my crazy life. The first post in the series is "What I Learned about Life Through Death." As some of you know, my dad passed away when I was just 10 years old. This was, and is, the most painful life event I have ever had to go through. Attempting to navigate life after losing your father as a child is not something I would wish upon anyone. However, as I continue to learn more about myself, I am beginning to understand how one moment can completely shape you into the person you are today.

That's my Pops on the left. Yes, he was the coolest.

That's my Pops on the left. Yes, he was the coolest.


One moment can completely change your life

My dad was not just a dad. In my eyes, he was the dad with the best sense of humor, the most caring, inspiring, and adventurous human being in the world. I loved him with every fiber in my being, and suddenly, he was taken from me. That moment changed everything.

I hope you will join me on this incredibly personal, painful yet uplifting blog series. And please comment and comment with your own stories. The most extraordinary part of my job is getting to hear YOUR story, so please share!

Health and Happiness,