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Please list the name(s) and email(s) of anyone you think may be interested in my coaching program. You will receive a FREE Sally Mae Fitness gift when you refer a friend or family member or a free month of personal training/nutrition coaching!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible journey and transformation. You have gone above and beyond, and I look forward to staying in touch and witnessing your continued success and progress! I am extremely proud of you and your many accomplishments. If you are ever looking for a quick coaching call to check in and get a quick motivation and accountability boost, I have created a Monthly Coaching Call Service! Please click the link below to access! https://sallymaefitness.com/get-back-on-track/ Lastly, my schedule will be opening up a bit starting January 01, which means I am able to take on a few more clients. If you know anyone that is interested please let them know I have some spots available! You can give them my number, 701-928-0444 or they can contact me via email at sally@sallymaefitness.com Committed to your health and well-being, Sally Willoughby