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Day 5 - No Booze!

Hey y'all! Just wanted to check-in and let you know how my no-booze challenge is going. To be honest, it is going great! I went out for tacos last night, sat across my husband drinking a tall, cold glass of beer, and I didn't die! :) Also note that it was 71 degrees...perfect beer-drinking weather. So yeah, I was definitely being tested!

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30 Days of No Booze!

It’s already May 1st – can you believe it?! Every time a new month hits, I like to reflect on the prior one. What went well? What challenges did I face? What improvements can I make this month?So for the month of May, I have decided to do a 31-day challenge! Because who doesn’t love a little challenge and competition in their life? For the month of May, I challenge myself not to drink a single drop of alcohol.

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