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Go Beyond the Salad! (Free Recipe Inside)

I love all things Fall, but one of my absolute favorite things is the transition from cool and crisp, summer vegetables, to comforting, rich root vegetables. I am all about the sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips right now - bring on the soups and roasted vegetables! There is something so grounding, warming and satisfying about them.

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[Enrollment Closed] Free 4-Week Workout Program


I am thrilled to be offering this free, 4-week workout program to you! This is a remote fitness program, meaning you can join from anywhere and also workout from anywhere - no gym or equipment necessary! You will gain access to all 4-week's worth of workouts (3 workouts per week) via my fitness app once you join!

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Non-Scale Victories: Why They Matter and the Number on the Scale Doesn't!

You have been working your butt off for the last 2 weeks - you didn't snack after 8pm, you made it to the gym almost every day, you kept your carbs to a did everything right. That is until you stepped on the scale. You are still at the same weight you were 2 weeks ago, and you are FRUSTRATED!

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Carb Cycling and Why You Might Want to Give it a Try!

Oh no, not that dreaded word ... CARBOHYDRATE! Sadly, we have become accustomed to hating this word. For some reason, we have learned to view carbs as the enemy, a "BAD" food if you will. When and why did carbs get such a bad rap?! According to Mayo Clinic, "Your body needs carbohydrates to function well." It is important to note that choosing the RIGHT type of carbohydrate is essential for maintaining good health.

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Why Choose The Sally Mae Way?

My mission is to provide a convenient and effective health and fitness plan to allow you to reach goals you never thought possible. My clients do so by following my customized, online plan made uniquely for them. I want each and everyone of you to become your healthiest you without the hassle of unnecessary gym equipment, contracts, fees and sales pitches that leave you feeling overwhelmed and “sold to.”

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Day 5 - No Booze!

Hey y'all! Just wanted to check-in and let you know how my no-booze challenge is going. To be honest, it is going great! I went out for tacos last night, sat across my husband drinking a tall, cold glass of beer, and I didn't die! :) Also note that it was 71 degrees...perfect beer-drinking weather. So yeah, I was definitely being tested!

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