Why Choose The Sally Mae Way?

The Sally Mae Fitness Way
My mission is to provide a convenient and effective health and fitness plan to allow you to reach goals you never thought possible. My clients do so by following my customized, online plan made uniquely for them. I want each and everyone of you to become your healthiest you without the hassle of unnecessary gym equipment, contracts, fees and sales pitches that leave you feeling overwhelmed and “sold to.” I do not promise a drop fat fast plan. You are the driver of your own vehicle. You will need to put the work in; however, I will be with you every step of the way!

If you follow the Sally Mae Fitness Way, you are going to see real, lifelong results. Period. This is a way of life, not a diet that you quit after 3 weeks. As your coach and trainer, I will fulfill my duty to meet you where you are and push you towards achieving your goals. Let’s do this!

What Makes Sally Mae Fitness Different?
First of all, I have been on my own roller coaster health journey. It is not easy being a female in today’s world, and I unfortunately fell for all the fad diets, get skinny fast- noise the media spews. However, through my education and experiences, I have found what it takes to get back on track and rediscover what being healthy actually means. Here is what you can expect from me and my program:

  • Accountability: Although this program is fully online, I will be with you every single, freaking step of the way! That is my guarantee. Accountability is one of if not THE most important key to your success. How many times have you tried a diet or fitness program only to fall of the wagon a few weeks in? Well, I am not going to let that happen. We will have weekly check-ins as well as 24/7 messaging with any questions or comments you many have. We will come up with an action plan that best suits your schedule while addressing your most pressing goals and concerns.
  • Convenience: My online program allows you to decide what type of space you would like to workout in. Whether it is outside, in your home or at your local gym, I will design the perfect program to fit your exact needs and goals. Whether you want to utilize gym equipment or do a body-weight only program, I will make it work for you!
  • Holistic Approach: My philosophy is that everything occurring in our lives is connected. To achieve health and happiness, you must achieve balance in your life. To do so, I make it a point to incorporate nutrition and health advice along the way. Having a fitness plan is crucial, but you will not achieve your goals without addressing all aspects of your life. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle includes physical activity, proper nutrition, healthy relationships, a sound spiritual and positive mindset and finding joy and love in the work you do. If any of these are out of whack, it becomes difficult to become the healthiest version of yourself.
  • Tough Love: “No Pain, No Gain.” Although this quote is cliché and overused, it is absolutely true. You are entering into new and challenging territory, but the outcome is so worth it. I will be here to support you and guide you, but I am not afraid to kick a little booty when necessary. My job is to push you and hold you accountable to your goals, and if that requires a little tough love, so be it!
  • Results: If you stick to the plan, the results will speak for themselves. My plans address anything from fat loss, to strength, to endurance to just being able to keep up with your kids! Whatever your goals may be, know that they are just within reach! It just takes a little hard work, consistency and accountability.

If you are ready to take the next step in your health and fitness game, check out my Fitness and Wellness Programs page to find the right plan for you! I always begin with a free health consultation. Schedule your free consultation today.